Lemur Training Update

  The red ruffed lemurs have been off exhibit since December. We have just a couple of weeks left until it is warm enough for the ring tailed lemurs to be outside during the day and the red ruffed lemurs to move upstairs, on exhibit. Here is where we were last time I updated about training- click here. While our focus was going to be crate training we also added the behavior of station. Station is a way to 1)Read more

QuickPic: Goats on Spools

The bears and lemurs have stumps to learn to station with and the little goats have spools! Even Lightning, the donkey, gets into station training. Teaching “station” or “place” is a great way to get an animal to give you some breathing room when you’re training multiple animals at once.  Read more

QuikPost: bear station quiz

Katy was training the bears last week and got them all to their station. YAY KATY for having your camera to document the feat. Each bear has a specific station (stump) that they are supposed to go to. Katy’s been working hard to get the bears to their specific station, and to have all four bears at their specific station at the same time is awesome! Can you name the bears, from left to right? (Sorry Katy, you know theRead more