Goodbye Max

  We’ve posted many times when animals die. Every time is hard. Some times are very hard. This is one of those times for so many people. Keepers arrived this morning to find Max dead. This was unexpected as all appeared fine Saturday. Dr. Cannedy has been here to check things out initially. After that, Max was taken for further testing to see if we can learn why he died. (An autopsy on an animal is called a necropsy). MaxRead more

Cows Have Horns, too!

Lots of guests come into the farmyard, see Max, and call him a “cow.” I assume that a few know he’s not a cow but choose to use “cow” rather than “steer” because it’s an easier word of small kids, but I’d bet more people just don’t know what the difference is. So here’s a quick run down of the various common terms used for cattle: Cow – A female who has had a baby (or many babies). Heifer- ARead more

Donation for Max

Last month, a 2-year-old Museum member who is a huge fan of Max donated some items and money to take care of our big bovine. She and her family thought it would be great to celebrate her birthday by spreading some love to Max. A big thanks from the animal department for the recent donations. A couple of cute Max photos to share with you all below.     Max used to be little   But not anymore!Read more

Signs of the Season: Year 2

Last year, it was Misha calling in the cooler weather. This year, it’s been the two big guys in the farmyard acting silly that let’s us know the crisp fall air is here to stay. Both Max and Lightning really seem to like playing with keepers much more once September and October roll in. You’ve seen Lightning play fetch with his Jolly Ball before, but did you know that Max will play Tag?  Read more

QuikPic: Max gets weighed

The Keepers, have been using the new scale in the farmyard to get weights on the animals. That means a lot of training for Max: getting a leash on; walking “nicely” without pulling Kent around; no side field trips to eat plants; get all four feet on the scale and hold still… Success has occurred. Any guesses as to how much the heaviest animal at the Museum weighs?Read more