Update on our new keeper

A while ago, I wrote about all our keepers and how each of their strengths make our animal department team better. We were in the process of hiring a new keeper then, so I thought I’d give an update. New keeper Cassidy has worked in the past with lemurs and also with black bears and other native NC wildlife. She was actually a volunteer here at the museum when she was a teenager!One of the great things about having aRead more

new keeper

We don’t have a lot of job turnover here in the animal department, but one of our keepers recently left to pursue other interests. The interview process for a new keeper has just been completed, so a new person will be on board soon. Finding a new keeper who has the skills to balance out our team is really important. We all have different strengths: Keeper Kent is our reptile expert, and Keeper Jill’s focus is always making sure ourRead more