New Arrivals!

No, not wolf pups. Salamanders! Two California Tiger Salamanders, Ambystoma californiense, arrived today. The Sacramento Zoo sent us these beauties. We’ve been working on the transfer for a few months. After medical checks and appropriate licensing and permits cleared, the two became ours. They will be in quarantine for a bit, and then we expect to have our staff take them out for educational programs.Read more

Salamander Surgery: a new year with a little less

One of our tiger salamanders will be a little smaller in 2012. A couple of weeks ago one of our tiger salamanders had surgery. For MANY months now we have been trying to treat and cure a growth on the salamander’s tail (Dr. Vanderford described the growth as a Chronic granulomatous inflammation). We have not been succesful, so it was finally time to amputate. Amputation sounds drastic and scary. All went well and the salamander is recovering just as hopedRead more

Education Holding Room

Back on the Animal Support Hall we have an entire room of animals for education purposes which we call the EHR. The animals in the Education Holding Room are taken out by Museum Educators for special events, birthday parties, even trips to local schools.Read more