Tortoise poop

I opened the door to clean and feed the tortoise last week and saw two really amazing and non-squashed piles of feces in the tortoise exhibit. I searched through my pockets in search of a quarter to put down next to the piles for perspective, but my pockets were empty :(. Katy has had to clean the tortoises’ bottom shell of dried squished poop, so fresh clean piles are a welcome change. Video of the tortoises eating at the endRead more

Creature Feature: Franklin Tortoise

Franklin, is a red footed tortoise. They can be found in the wild in South America and their conservation status is labeled as “vulnerable” right now because of habitat destruction and the wild population is being over harvested for the pet trade. Franklin is one of our education animals so he lives with the other educational reptiles in a temperature controlled room. Here at the museum, Franklin’s diet consists of a big salad every day. He gets 100g of greens,Read more

QuikPost: Ah, that refreshing watermelon

Only 7 days away from National Watermelon Day! Personally, I’m glad there is a day for everyone to celebrate watermelon. I think it is one of the most refreshing foods you can eat on a hot summer day. Many of our animals seem to find it refreshing (or at least enjoyable), as well. Check out the video below of some of our indoor animals (and maybe even a keeper) enjoying some yummy watermelon. And don’t worry, Sherry, I put the keeper up toRead more