Ursula slide show

I was supposed to post this video the other week but I ran into some technical difficulties with the video. So, as promised… If you have been keeping current with the blog, you have probably read about our bear Ursula. It has been a draining, sad and all around horrible week. I am personally grateful for the amount of support we have received from people in the public and around the museum. Speaking for myself, it has been a rollerRead more

Lemurs love watermelon too!

The word of the summer for the Animal Department is Watermelon! Ursula, our oldest bear, prefers watermelon to take her medicine in, but she’s not the only animal that enjoys this special summer treat.   Cassandra taking her first bite She had to pick it up ┬áCassandra and her son Satyrus ┬áSatyrus digging into the watermelon enrichment Cassandra doing the same ┬áLycus and Cassandra sharing. Lycus has the BIG eyes Satyrus enjoying his own piece while looking quite handsome inRead more