Red Wolf Recovery Program Update

Last week the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) posted new proposed regulations for managing the Red Wolf Recovery Program. You can read the proposal in its entirety here: There are several parts of the proposed changes and multiple ways to look at them. For the wolves left in the wild, the future is difficult. The proposal limits the protected area to federal lands in one county. The area is about one tenth of the space previously protected. TheRead more

Red Wolf Recovery Program Update

News from USFWS came last week about the status of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. Spoiler alert: nothing dramatic to report. – click here (or here’s the direct link address to cut and paste in your browser: more

Help keep red wolves in the wild

The USFWS will be reviewing the Red Wolf Recovery program. Check out this link to learn more: The Center for Biological Diversity has started a petition to urge the USFWS to continue the reintroduction program and keep the last 100 red wolves in the wild. Please Click here to see and sign the petition. It would be sad to lose red wolves in the wild of NC – the last place on the planet they roam free.       Read more

Red Wolf links

      I’ve received a variety of information from USFWS  and RWC personnel in the past week or so about red wolves so I thought I would share with you. Click on any of the links below:       Becky Bartel’s photos of our wolves A new post (about the Museum!) from the Blog of the USFWS Red Wolf Recovery Program Washington Post article about red wolf  deaths from gunshot RedWolf_QtrReport_FY13-04 (2)      Read more

Second Red Wolf shot

more bad news for the red wolves… a wolf was shot last week and now a second one this week. Here’s the link to previous information and a copy of today’s news release is below that.   November 1, 2013 Reward Offered for Information Regarding to a Second Red Wolf Death The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is requesting assistance with an investigation involving the suspected illegal take of a radio-collared red wolf that was recently found dead.  TheRead more