Second Smallest Primate in the World

Last week at the Lemur -Meet the Keeper program, I meet two grandparents who told me all about the second smallest primate in the world and I wanted to share this adorable creature with you all. The Bohol Tarsier, who lives in the Philippines, belongs to the primate sub-order Prosimian- making them a close relative to the Lemurs here at the museum. They are obviously tiny little animals- no more than 5 inches long and 142 grams. (the smallest primate in the world is theRead more

The Benefits of Public Programs

One of the many aspects of our job as animal keepers is to help educate the public. Programs are the best way to share information about our animals while also allowing us to talk about wildlife and the dangers that some species face today. In the process, these programs give us the opportunity to reach out and interact with our visitors so they can ask us questions that, unless through this blog, they would otherwise not be able to. TheRead more