Big Word of the Month: Refraction

Check out this photo Keeper Elaina took of our mud turtle and water snake! Notice something odd about the turtle’s head? There’s nothing wrong with our little mud turtle, he didn’t get decapitated just prior to this photo being taken! His head looks detached from his body for another –less macabre– reason: refraction. Refraction is why, when you look through or into water, objects aren’t exactly where you expect them to be. Light travels at different speeds through solids, liquidsRead more

Chinese New Year: Year of the Water Snake

Happy belated Chinese New Year. Yesterday began the year of the water snake.  We have a Water Snake at the Museum that lives in Carolina Wildlife. This snake has been with us for about 5 years. This snake lives with our mud turtle. The Keepers shot a video of the snake catching a fish- click here to see it.  You can go to numerous websites to learn about Chinese New Year, but below are two to start with. more

QuikPost: Headshot

I walked by Mudsy and Water snake’s tank the other day and saw them both at the same time, easily. I thought I would share my photo. See a video of the water snake eating – Marilyn shared it with you in February.Read more

Watersnake Goes Fishing

A while back I posted a video of the snake eating mice and also one of the box turtle eating some salad. I guess I just really enjoy watching animals eat, because I have another sort-of-cool-but-kinda-gross-but-mostly-cool video for you. This one is of our Banded Water snake eating a fish. This is back when he lived off of exhibit, he’s since been moved to the exhibit tank with Mudsy our Mud Turtle. This video impresses me because the fish alllllllllllllllllmostRead more