Reminiscing: wolves in the pool

I know 8/10 of the wolf family is gone, however, it was awesome to watch them, especially in the water. Check out these shots of the wolves in the water. All pictures were taken on December 30, 2019 when the temperatures were well above average!Read more

Keeper Antics

Since Keeper Jessi and I work the same schedule it means that someone has to cover ETW when we are on our weekend. Most recently, this person is Keeper Kent.  In the bear house, we have large troughs which hold the bear’s water. You can only fill these troughs up so high or else they will be WAY to heavy to empty. On several occasions, Kent has filled these troughs up to the very top. So I have to assumeRead more

Colorful Chemistry

We run weekly water quality tests on all of our fish, alligator and turtle tanks in the Animal Department. We monitor the waters’ pH and the levels of Ammonia and Nitrates. This is important because aquatic animals are often very sensitive to chemical changes in the water they live in and drink; more so than their terrestrial relatives.   10 tanks plus 1 “control” tank (filtered water, to make sure the tests are working properly)   The end result: 33Read more

Water Conservation

A kind person pointed out to me that in my last post, Do as I say, not as I do, I not only had a hard day, but also wasted water. Of all the things that happened to me on Christmas, overflowing the muskrat pool was devastating to me. With that said, I cannot take back what happened, but I can share with you the changes we have made in our procedures over the past few months to help saveRead more