Summer is here so it’s time for watermelons

Summer is here so  it’s watermelon season. We LOVE getting watermelons for the animals! The initial benefit is we get to pile them all on someone’s desk (it used to be Kristen and now it’s Aaron’s desk). Please drop off watermelons at the Admissions Desk or at Gate # 1.   So many of the animals seem to love watermelon: Lemurs Bears Farmyard critters. A video of watermelon eating!   We’ll be having Watermelon Day again this year on FridayRead more

National Watermelon Day

WHO KNEW that today was National Watermelon Day (Google it, really).   So in honor of this great day, consider bringing a watermelon to the Museum. Our old girl Ursula is taking her medicine with watermelon. Many of our critters eat watermelon. We’ll be feeding watermelons to our animals throughout the day. Checkout some past blog posts honoring this amazing BERRY: bears eating watermelon loads of watermelon Watermelon poop  Read more

Watermelon Sale!

Watermelons are on sale this week and I am SO EXCITED! Catch up on some past watermelon posts: bears eating watermelon watermelon (what it looks like when bears eat a lot of watermelon- just read the post, you’ll understand). watermelon storageRead more