Crazy Weather

So far, Spring has provided us with some very crazy weather.  One day it is 70 degrees with a nice breeze then a cold and rainy day the next.  Mid-march brought us some icy conditions  then recently we had a hail storm pass through. We make sure that we are constantly looking at the weather so that we can make sure to prepare the animal areas for whatever weather that is coming our way.  Which includes keeping heat lamps upRead more

Cold, Cold, Cold!

Well, it took a while but the cold weather has finally reached us. One of the main criteria for this job is to not only work on holidays but to also be willing to work in any sort of weather condition. As I was cleaning the farmyard yesterday morning, my trusty Friday adult volunteer told me that the thermometer at her house was at 15 degrees Fahrenheit when she left, and I believed her because that’s about how it felt.Read more