QuikPic: Nothing like a woodchuck sleeping.

I caught this photo of Henry sleeping last week: This reminded me of other cute woodchuck moments: Baby Henry. Henry exploring Carolina Wildlife. What can a woodchuck do with lots of raisin boxes? Interview with a Groundhog.   And let’s not forget Wendy and her thievery.            Read more


As you know, I cannot draw. Last week’s Museum’s bi-weekly operations meeting was longer than usual. This is a meeting of staff across all the different departments at the Museum to discuss issues or events that might affect Museum operations. I started to doodle. This is what my doodle looked like:   I was sitting next to Wendy. This is what her doodle looked like:   Here’s the photo of the folks she was doodling (Sorry Darcy, you missed theRead more

Some Days Suck

There is really no better description. It’s one of those sucky, sad days in the animal department. We have a few animals on “hospice” care and today was the day to euthanize Nimbus. A difficult day for sure, but not a surprising one.  However, on Wednesday, Wendy Woodchuck was not looking so well. She did not improve. I checked on her several times throughout the night last night and today she went to the vet (Dr. Thea Carter).  Wendy was euthanizedRead more

QuikPost: Friends

Sherry mentioned in her post that she gave Yona a stuffed bear a few days ago. Today while we were in the locker room looking for more uniform shirts, we found an old stuffed horse that I think was an old horse from our Play to Learn exhibit. It was getting in our way, but we thought Yona might like a new friend! It will go in with her tonight. I sat on it for scale: And though we areRead more

Creature Feature: Wendy the Woodchuck

Wendy is one of my favorite animals at the museum, and since she has been mentioned in other posts I decided to feature her this month. There’s a lot that can be said about this big gentle rodent, but what the keepers know her best for is her mischevious behavior. Wendy came to us in March of 2004 from Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury, North Carolina. She was already an adult when she arrived at their facility, so we doRead more