What’s Happening THIS Week!?!?!

WRITTEN BY GUEST BLOGGER ERIN BROWN 12/31/08: What’s Not Happening This Week. Last week I talked about how hectic it was around the Animal Department for the holidays. This week is no different. The museum is closed New Years day, and since it is a holiday, there will only be two keepers working. Since basically all that’s going on this week is some more crazy holiday preparation to make sure our keepers are all set for New Year’s week, IRead more

What’s Happening THIS Week!?!? A Weekly Look Into the Busy Life of a Keeper

WRITEN BY GUEST BLOGGER ERIN BROWN 12/23/08: Holiday Preparation! Oh the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays are in the air! Pig is sitting by the heat lamp wrapped in a blanket, the possum is sleeping soundly in the hay, dreams of sugar plums (or just regular plums) are dancing in the bear’s heads, and the keepers are all a-twitter with their coming vacation days. With this last one brings the other feeling that is floating in the airRead more