Brr…it’s cold outside!

Word has it (thanks for the tip Mike Williams) that a lot of people are wondering how we keep our animals safe and warm in the winter. The answer is different for each animal. If you have been in the farmyard this winter you may have seen the goats in coats or even Lightning, the donkey, in a coat. You may have also seen red ominous glowing coming from the stalls. These are heat lamps set up to add extraRead more

It’s Closer to Winter than Spring!

North Carolina might stay comfortably warm well into October, but I start thinking about blizzards and snowpeople by September. So in honor of “it’s almost winter, and Sarah wants to wear her comfy sweatshirts again” Day, a video of Elaina, Rocky and Patches, all wearing their winter finest:Read more

Goat Coats

Polar Vortex 2014 brought bitter cold air and lots of snow and ice to Durham. Most of our outdoor animals were snug and warm inside their holding areas or tucked into huge piles of hay to wait out the winter weather, but some of the farmyard residents were still just plain cold. We added a big heat lamp in the goat stall and would lock them inside but it still wasn’t enough to keep our two older boys toasty whenRead more

Where are the Ring-Tailed Lemurs?

It has been cold lately and that means that the Ring-tailed lemurs have been inside in their indoor holding area.  Since they are inside, we want to make sure that they are getting enriched.  A recent enrichment item that we have used for the lemurs is skewering dried fruit on pumpkins or like in the following pictures on paper towel tubes.          Read more

Brr, it’s cold…where are the bears?

Our bear exhibit is large and it can be difficult to spot a bear in normal weather but when it is cold it can be very difficult.  So, where are the bears when it is very cold? (Below) Yona in her hay bed on top of the cliff, in the background you can see the bear house where another bear likes to spend her time. (Below) Va in her hay bed on the cliff but it is on the oppositeRead more