Mixed Species Exhibits

We have a few exhibits that have different species of animals liking together. In the Farmyard, Lightning and the goats share an area. Inside, the water snake and mud turtle share a home. (There is also another mixed-species exhibit inside. Guesses?) These exhibits are purposeful. However, outside, we seem to have another group of animals¬† co-habiting well together.   We’ve had wild woodchucks living in the bear yard for many, many years. It’s just in the past year that theRead more

A dream has been answered

A few weeks ago I wrote a little post about animals dreaming. I included a picture of what I thought our woodchuck Henry possibly dreams about. A nice individual who reads our blog granted Henry’s dream come true. Here are 2 pictures.  Read more

QuikPic: Nothing like a woodchuck sleeping.

I caught this photo of Henry sleeping last week: This reminded me of other cute woodchuck moments: Baby Henry. Henry exploring Carolina Wildlife. What can a woodchuck do with lots of raisin boxes? Interview with a Groundhog.   And let’s not forget Wendy and her thievery.            Read more

QuikPic: Happy Passover

I’m not a big fan of Matzo. I usually have leftover after Passover so I bring it in for the critters. Jill uses it for training¬† and treats with the pigs.¬† This year, Henry is celebrating and eating matzo during Passover. Enjoy the last few days of Pesach!Read more