Zoe update

Zoe Turtle has been at the vet school for many months being treated for a wound that turned out to be cancer. He’s making his way back to us to live out the rest of his life here as surgery and radiation treatments are now finished. The tumor could not be removed completely, but Zoe seems to be doing okay and we will keep him here until his quality of life diminishes.   I love that the way to keepRead more

Zoe Keeps Katy Company

In the Animal Department most of the keepers share an office. It is crazy to think, but we cram 6 keepers into 1 office! Sherry has her own office, but she has a window and her office opens into the Keeper office so she is always around much activity. Aaron has his own office, but it also has a window. For me I get to spend my time in the lonely Vet room without a window and without companionship soRead more