Woodchuck (and other) sightings

This is Wendy, our Woodchuck. She was standing outside my office this morning when I walked out to check on something.  It always makes me smile to see her.  I don’t see her much during the winter as she spends most of it sleeping.  She’s at her post-winter weight- looking pretty skinny in this photo. She goes into winter hibernation around 5 Kgs and comes out around 3.5 Kgs. Katy can chime in the comment section and let us know the exact weights. .

Anyway, I love seeing Wendy, and woodchucks in general.  I looked outside the window of my house this weekend and there, about 20 feet up in a tree, was a woodchuck chomping away on leaves. It was so surprising, and really cool. Have you ever just stumbled across any really cool animal sighting? Would you share it with us in the comment section? (I was hiking at Yellowstone with my family and my 7 year old turned a corner and pointed to a bear- that was quite a sighting!)

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