A hard, sad day

Today was a difficult day. Today was the day that, after much discussion and debate, Moo was euthanized.

In May of 2006 we thought we were going to have to euthanize Moo as he could not stand up. It was at this point that Dr. Cannedy, the veterinarian who treats our Farmyard animals, diagnosed Moo with Bovine Lymphoma Virus (BLV), a form of cancer, as well as chronic arthritis. There was much discussion about what to do back then as well. We gave Moo a bunch of drugs and were surprised and relieved to see him up and about the next morning. Since that point Moo has been on medication to ease the pain, which is the treatment for cattle with these conditions. Moo had been doing well for most of the past 16 months, but had taken a turn for the worse recently.

Moo, whose full name is Mister Moosteer, came to the Museum, still a calf, on August 8, 1996. He will be sorely missed by many.

October 10, 1995-October 1, 2007.

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  1. Jeff Stern says:

    I know that many staff, members and visitors will miss Moo, but it must be hardest on each of you, who care for Moo daily. I know that events like Saturday’s Animal Enrichment Day are a lot of hard work, but this, to me, is the reason that I couldn’t do the work that you do. I’m so glad that we have such great people working in the animal department, and want to thank you for ALL that you do.

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