I was driving home from work yesterday and as I got close to home there was a lone vulture sitting in the middle of the road. I slowed to a stop, as did the car coming the other direction. The vulture took its time to pick something up from the road and then took off. As clear as could be was a squashed black rat snake, probably about 4 foot long, hanging from the vulture’s mouth. I was very excited for the bird (not so much for the snake).

I picked up my family and went out for dinner and saw another dead snake on the road. I began to reflect on other roadkill I had seen just in the past week: a fox, several squirrels and one opossum. I got home and went through the mail and began reading the summer 2008 issue of Defenders, the Defenders of Wildlife magazine. There’s a short article discussing roadkill. Researchers at Purdue University spent 17 months identifying 10,500 animals collected from 11 miles of suburban Indiana roads. 95 % of the animals they identified were amphibians.

Kristen wrote a post in February about the crisis amphibians are under. In addition to habitat loss and global warming, these creatures have to worry about cars too! Defenders has a bunch of information on their website about WOW- their Watch Out for Wildlife program. Click here to learn more and see how you can help out.

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