Interesting phone calls

We get lots of phone calls from people: anything from animal donations, questions about care, advice about wildlife situations, questions about job openings, can I buy a Santa Train tickets, etc. Some are more interesting than others, but I thought I would be honest and share them all from a three day period, August 25-27:

  • A man called and had a snapping turtle he wanted to donate.
  • My mother called returning my message about a sculpture I am planning to donate to the Piedmont Wildlife Center for their fundraiser.
  • My boss called and asked to change a meeting time from 10:30 to 11:00
  • The electrician called to schedule a time to come and finish installing some additional outlets and fuses in some of our animal support spaces.
  • A friend who was caring for my child said she was home and ready to have my daughter come over. (FYI- my daughter was already in route to her house).
  • A man called asking the best time to remove his bat house from his roof. He loved bats but the pile of guano below the house was just too big.

(Here come my favorites)

  • A PhD candidate called asking for my assistance with her thesis. Actually, she didn’t need my help, she needed our bears’ help. (she needs to test the security of some boxes and needs to see how high the bears can reach and if they can break into the boxes).
  • I got a phone call from the person saying my restricted drug purchase was approved and she would call me later after the 24 hour security clearance of our account occurred.

Now a few of these calls could receive a lot more attention and detail (especially the one from my mother) but the last one about the drug purchase is really the best. I will go into depth about that situation in my next post. (Sorry about the tease…but it is interesting).

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