Red Wolf Master Plan meeting follow-Up

I’m finally getting back to you about the end of the red wolf master plan meeting. There were about 30 people in Chattanooga discussing a variety of issues having to do with red wolves.

Two different veterinarians presented information. Dr Keller from Chattanooga discussed ectoparasite (like fleas and ticks) issues and best ways to treat. (Luckily for us, we are not having big issues in this area with our wolves). Dr. Reed, from Tacoma, talked about different veterinary protocols, diets, and illnesses of the red wolf population over the past year. One thing in particular I noted was that when cleaning wolves’ teeth, hand-scaling will help clean their teeth, but it will not help prevent dental disease: ultrasonic cleaning is a much better choice because it deals with both issues.

The second day of the meeting we looked at all the wolves in the captive population and made plans on what should happen for next year’s breeding season. We looked at what wolves should be paired to breed. It’s a long and complicated process (looking at things like genetics, demographics, geography, and other issues) but in the end all wolves end up being paired, even if it’s not for breeding.

While the exact plans for the autumn wolf-relocation is not yet determined, it is possible that our two brothers leave, together. If this happens, we may get a female wolf currently in NY and a male wolf currently in TX and try to have them make pups right here in NC! That’s actually my hands holding two red wolf pups that were born at the Museum back in 2001. It would be very exciting to have young wolves at the Museum once more.

I’ll keep you posted on the plans for our two brothers and what wolves will end up here next. Keep checking future posts as decisions should be made in the next month or so.

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