Apples and Honey

It’s been a pretty busy few days. We’ve shipped off our two wolves early this morning for their new home. Kristen is away at the AAZK conference and I need to go shopping. I go shopping whenever Kristen isn’t here.

The first thing on the list is “100 apples”. Our bears eat a lot of apples, especially at this time of year. This is when my family eats a lot of apples too, as we are getting ready for the start of the Jewish New Year tonight, Rosh Hashanah. We eat apples and honey, to start our year off sweet. Our bears would love to come eat dinner with us: Lots of apples, and honey from my ceiling. Yes, I saved some of the honey taken out of the beehive in my ceiling for just this time of year. Whatever we don’t eat, I’ll give back to the bears.

Ursula, seen taking a nice dip in the pool, LOVES apples and honey, and could eat lots!. If you’d like to donate some apples (or honey) to help feed our bears, just bring them on in to the Museum. Thanks… this would be a sweet start to the new year for the bears and our department’s bottom line.

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