Lemur TB drugs

I mentioned in a recent post about some phone calls I received, and I told you I would fill you in about my “restricted drug purchase” story. Here’s the story in brief.

I order the needed TB test about a month before the lemurs’ physicals. I called to order and was told they no longer carried it.
No worries, I called our friends at the Duke Lemur Center and asked them where they got their Tuberculin OT from. They told me to contact Synbiotics corporation. They mentioned words like “tricky…phone calls…CDC…terrorism… but I should be able to get it”
I called Synbiotics. This drug is now a restricted distribution item. I needed to get a very specific letter of authorization from the NC State veterinarian giving the Museum authorization to purchase it.
I called the state veterinarian’s office and spoke with Dr. Marshall. He called Synbiotics to learn more. He then sent me a letter authorizing our purchase. Synbiotics then needed signed authorization from our veterinarians (this was the easiest part).
I have drugs in hand! It took about 12 phone calls taking about 2 hours of time, over a four day period. So, not so bad at all. We’ll be using the test on October 7 when the lemurs get their physicals, and next year getting the tests should be much easier.

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