Where’s Mudsy?

Mudsy is our mud turtle that is used for educational programs, and has lived off exhibit for many years. However, once Sponge Bob our softshell turtle passed away, we had an empty exhibit that needed to be filled. For right now, we have decided to put Mudsy in the tank.

But some of our visitors have had a hard time finding Mudsy, because he looks a lot like the other rocks on the bottom of his exhibit. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it is easy to assume that the tank is empty! Actually, this sort of camoflauge is a great thing for a turtle to have in the wild so that it can avoid predators. I wanted to show you a picture of his exhibit and see how well you can find him.

Can you see him?

Scroll down for a different angle…

Still can’t find him?

Scroll down for an even better look…

There he is!
Can you tell where he was in the first two pictures by looking at this? In the second picture, he is centered and sitting between the smaller white pebbles. See if you can locate him in the first picture now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    great post! I will be on the look out for Mudsy on my next visit. The way animals use their environment is amazing thanks Marilyn for showing this skill on the blog. I enjoyed this.

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