My visit to the Atlanta Zoo

I was in Atlanta last weekend and visited Zoo Atlanta on a rainy day. I was thrilled to have cool weather and less people. (click here to see a map of the zoo).

When I visit zoos I don’t typically get my thrills from seeing the animals. I like to look at the exhibits and layouts and get enrichment ideas and see what I can bring back to use at the Museum. I spent extended time at the lemur exhibit, as well as the meerkat exhibit (there were some tunneling structures that I thought might be of use for us).
I was quite captivated, however, by two particular animals: the Orangutans and the Hornbills. (As well as my daughter pretending to be a lion). I don’t have any photos of the orangutans, I really was just awestruck watching them, especially some of the younger ones and seeing how they rolled to places rather than walked. I was reminded again of their plight due to the destruction of the rainforest they call home. (Palm oil is used in lots of foods and rainforests are being destroyed so that palm oil plantations can take over).
I did take a little video of the hornbills. I walked up to their exhibit and immediately smiled. They are big birds, with bright orange around their face. The Southern Ground Hornbill is the largest of all the hornbills. I found myself unable to stop looking at them. The two were also strutting around showing what they had in their beaks. (If you don’t like to see dead rats, don’t look at the video!) I hope you enjoy the birds as much as I did!

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