Why You Should Never Go On Vacation

Or: How to kill 2 birds with 46 watermelons.
Summer is here! And its arrival bares the fruit of watermelons aplenty! Sherry seized the summer sales and supplied our salivating species with some watermelon sustenance. She bought 26 so far, with about 20 more to come later next week. We gave 7 already to the bears (and I smuggled one out of the truck for the keepers for the next crazy hot day), but a problem arose when we realized we had nowhere to store the rest of them.
Luckily! keeper Kristen is on vacation, and the longstanding tradition is to do some hilarious prank on her desk when she’s gone. And so, we are able to kill 2 birds with 46 watermelons (and that’s why you should never go on vacation)!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    It has become such a tradition to trash Kristen's desk when she is gone that she now makes it a point to arrive 30 minutes early on her first day back just so that she can sit down to check her email! hahaha!

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