QuikPost: Yona is coming

I wrote a few weeks ago about a new bear that was likely joining the Museum family. This is the most current photo of her that I have.

She was found as a 4 pound abandoned cub in February 2009. She went to Appalachian Bear Rescue with the intent of releasing her, but it never came to be. She never weaned properly and was more interested in the Curator at ABR than the other bear cubs she was being raised with.
Luckily, we have space for another bear. Yona, which means “bear” in Cherokee, should be arriving on January 15. She won’t go into the bear exhibit until after a quarantine period, but we’ll post photos of her on the Blog so you can get sneak peaks of her. I was sent this photo of her today- this is when she arrived at ABR weighing about 4 pounds. There’s nothing like baby photos!

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  1. Leiana says:

    she is beautiful! i love her coat. it doesn't look like she has any marks or blazes. sweet bear!

  2. viridari says:

    This raises a question about bears in captivity, maybe one of the keepers can speak to this.I've been lucky enough to see black bears in the wild on a number of occasions, and once even had a close encounter with one who mistakenly snuck up on me following the smell of peanuts (once he saw me he took off). But unless there are cubs around, or it's mating season, I only ever see black bears alone. They seem to be solitary most of the time, preferring only their own company.I wonder, then, if it causes the bears any undue stress to be in such relatively close confinement where they can see other bears all year long and have the scent of other bears on everything in their confined territory.Magnus

  3. Sherry says:

    Viridari: great question!Bears are solitary by nature, except as you state in your comment.In captivity, with enough food for everyone, tensions are typically managed. However, there are tensions. Bears will establish a pecking order or hierarchy. Everyone will learn their place. Tensions and stress arise when an individual "messes" with the order.This is why introduction of Yona to the other bears will be nerve-racking. The bears are going to have to work it out. Because of all this, you have things happen in captivity that don't happen in the Wild. Mimi and Gus, for example, will sleep together regularly.

  4. clea walford says:

    just luuuuuve bears, especially baby bears! Please keep us posted!

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