Yona Photos!

I finally got some photos to share with you. That’s my bear with Yona (his name is big bear and I got him about 37 years ago when I could barley get my arms around him). We’re hoping he provides companionship until Yona can go with our real bears.

I went in with Yona to get these photos- she did eventually let me rub her belly.

She wanted to “hug” me, which is what Lisa from ABR said Yona did a bunch. I kept her at arms distance.

Lisa also said she liked yogurt, and since Yona hasn’t been too interested in food I thought I would bring her some yogurt (she did not seem interested in it).

You already know she’s around 90 pounds, but she looks smaller. I’d say she was about two feet tall when she’s on all fours.

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