How intriguing!

For the past month or so, the Animal Department has been taking care of 8 parakeets for a test math exhibit that the museum’s exhibit developers are trying out. I was cleaning them (the parakeets) the other day and I noticed something interesting.

One of the things that we give them is a chew bone made out of fish that looks like this when it’s new:

But when I was taking out their bone that had been in there a while, this is what I found:

Hmm, this looks familiar...

They had sculpted their bone into the shape of a parakeet! Here’s a side by side:

Do you see it?

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  1. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Mmmmm, I kind of see it, but it may be a stretch. However, I love the fact that you used Piglet Merriweather for the parakeet picture!!:)

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