Yona’s visit to the Vet School

What a long day.  In February I wrote about Yona’s first radiographs. Today, Tuesday, was the next step.

Many of you know that Yona went to North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Teaching Hospital today. Today was the day to do whatever tests were needed to figure out what was going on with her leg. Whatever is going on is not stopping her from doing anything she would normally do, but we know something is just not right with her right leg. 

There have been so many emails and phone calls I don’t even know where to start, so I will start with today. We loaded Yona up early. We borrowed a crate worthy of a bear from the NC Zoo. (Thanks NCZ!) Dr. Vanderford and I arrived at the Vet School around 8:30. So many great veterinarians and staff helped care for Yona, too many (maybe about 20-30 people) to name, but here’s a few. Dr. Kristen Messenger did anesthesia on Yona, Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little made sure that he had the radiographs and CT scans he needed to appropriately diagnose Yona’s condition, Dr. Michael Stoskopf oversaw the whole day, and Shane Christian coordinated everything ahead of time and during the day.

The Drs. need to wait for some of the tests to be complete, review all the information that was gathered, and coordinate the findings so we can figure out what the next steps should be for Yona.

Below are a few photos from my day.


Getting ready for the CT Scan


CT Scan for Yona


The tubes in Yona’s mouth help keep her sleeping throughout the process.

how cool is this- a CT Scan of Yona's head and front legs. Can you see the difference between the left and right elbows?
(Leave a comment if you can see any difference between Yona’s limbs in the Scan).
Yona getting Radiographs (x-rays)
Lots of different radiographs were taken of Yona’s front legs to make sure that the Drs. had the information needed.
Assessing Yona's range of motion

Dr. Marcellin-Little manipulated Yona’s front limbs and took lots of different measurements. He’ll use this assessment, along with the CT Scans and the radiographs to make a recommendation of next steps for Yona.

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  1. Katie says:

    I can totally see ther difference between the elbows. The right elbow (the one without the syringe in the picture) is way worse off. Hope they are able to diagnose and treat her!

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