Yona’s surgery- it’s over and she is back

Yona has now been back at the Museum for about 1.5 days now and is recovering from her surgery to remove a bone fragment in her elbow.  Read an article and see better pictures than below by the News & Observer- the photos are way better than mine (see the photo gallery for all the pictures).

A few photos I took are below, as well as a couple of Yona back at the Museum. We’ll keep you posted as to when she will go back on exhibit to be with the rest of the bears.

It was dark when Kent, Katy and I went to crate Yona. You can't see, but Kent is on the right and Katy is on the left.
Yona on the surgery Table
Yona's leg was completely shaved

There’s probably about another month of really good hair growth left before winter sets in. It will be interesting to see how quickly her hair grows in!

the bone fragment had to be removed in pieces- it was too big to come out whole.
Yona has no issues crushing her tub
She is not very hesitant to use that arm!

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  1. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Cute pictures, Sherry! She is quite adorable, even in her stubborn “I don’t wanna take my pill!” kind of way. Watching her roll around playing with toys, and splashing around in her water tub during her recovery has been amusing!

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