yum! breakfast!

Our new female wolf is settling in, and can often be seen up top hanging out fairly close to the male.

She’s got a history of irritable bowel and diarrhea, and so came to us with an interesting diet:   logs of feline diet (that’s right, feline!), which is a ground up meat similar to what we feed the owls, and Prescription Diet Canine low calorie canned food.

Our male wolf was on a Mazuri Exotic Canine dry food diet,  but since there was no way to really separate them for feeding, he’s also getting this new diet.   He has easily adjusted to this new food and still has access to his dry feeders.

Eventually, once our new girl is firmly established and has a good record of good looking feces, we might start to adjust her diet.  Of course, we’d have to do this slowly and keep daily records on her behavior and quality of feces.  Currently she’s not allowed any mice, rats, or any food enrichment, so we’ve had to go heavy on the tactile and scent enrichment for this month.   We’ve also tried to get rats directly to the male, so he’s not missing out on the fun of tearing and crunching!

Preparing their food has been a bit of a change for us keepers.  Before we just poured dry food into the feeders, and tossed supplemental rats and mice in, but now we have to make  a morning mix of bloody, meaty, canned food goodness.

yum, breakfast!

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