Yellowstone: How Wolves Change Rivers

I love Yellowstone National Park. I think it’s my favorite place to be. A couple years ago I saw wild wolves for the first (and only) time there.  Kristen went there and posted about it many years ago. Last week I got 3 emails regarding Yellowstone. One was from a woman who was heading there and wanted advice about hiking in bear country and the using bear bells. The other two emails were forwarding me a link to a videoRead more

Happy almost New Year

Today is Dr. Vanderford’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Deb! It’s also the day I start to miss Kristen and her New Year’s Resolutions Blog posts. (You hear about Libby, Kristen’s oldest daughter every now and again. Yup, I said oldest daughter since Kate was just born 3 weeks ago). Given that 2015 is just a day away, I thought I would share links to Kristen’s New Year’s Resolutions from past years. Enjoy! New Years Resolutions 2012 New Years Resolutions 2011 NewRead more


I was at the annual AZA conference last month and came back with swag. I even got Katy to model her hat (Aaron made her).     Aaron is wearing Libby‘s hat. Who looks better?    Read more

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Hey there!  It’s former Animal Keeper Kristen, back on the blog to talk New Year’s Resolutions.  Well, I actually haven’t made time yet to reflect on the past year and set some goals for 2013  ( I’ve looked to the museum animals for inspiration in years past: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), so I suppose I’ll be working on that the next few days.  But I thought I’d throw out a little challenge for you– and for me.  I visit theRead more

New Year’s Resolutions- 2012!

Hello, former Animal Keeper Kristen here! Here’s the quick catch up: my daughter Libby is 8 months old (already!) and I’m having a wonderful, challenging, lovely life being a mom. I’m a regular Animal Department blog reader, and Libby and I are frequent visitors to the Museum. We meet up with Sherry, and whoever else wants to join, for lunch a few times a month, and we occasionally crash Thursday group lunch. When Sherry asked me to keep with traditionRead more

QuikPost: New Year’s Resolutions

Kristen‘s New Year’s Resolution posts are some of  my favorite blog posts to read, so I was feeling sad for New Year’s 2012. When I mentioned this to Kristen she said she would offer her wisdom yet again. YAY! Check back the first week in January but in the meantime take a look at resolutions of year’s past: 2011 New Year’s Resolutions 2010 New Year’s Resolutions 2009 New Year’s Resolutions Read more