Delusions of Grandeur

I did a search of the Animal Department blog for “turtles” and I have to say, we don’t have very much (except about Zoe). I think some of the other turtles figured this out and decided to do something about it.

One of our exhibit water turtles (a painted turtle) decided to garner our attention by trying to convince us of his superpower status with a superhero cape.

Our water turtle dons his trusty lettuce-leaf-superhero-cape and is ready to protect the Carolina Wildlife exhibits from the bad guys.

Those Ninja Turtles have nothing on me! They don't even have capes!!

The off-exhibit box turtles saw how much attention Godzilla got when he demonstrated his cricket eating skills, so they decided to show off their fierce “pinky” eating skills (pinkies are newborn extra tiny mice and are part of their diet).

Don't you dare even think about taking my pinky!


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