Bear Awareness Week!!

Okay Sports Fans, here it is!  The start of a week which revolves around our fuzzy and lovable friends!  They eat a bunch, they sleep a bunch, they shed a bunch – no they’re not Italians – they’re our Bears!  It’s officially Bear Awareness Week!  And we here at the Museum are lucky enough to have 5 of the lovable fuzz buckets that we call part of the family to enjoy each day.  Gus, Ursula, Mimi, Virginia and Yona are our 5 American Black Bears.  They’ve all come to us through different paths but in the end, they unfortunately could not have made it in the wild so they live with us here.

Over the next week we’re going to be spotlighting our bears.  Our keeper talk each day will center around the bear exhibit, with extra special enrichment items, and hopefully some special hammy behavior by our stars.  🙂  We will also have our local chapter of the AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers) set up from 12-3pm by the bear exhibit on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to talk about bears, do some fun activities with our guests and also they might have some fun giveaways as well!  And just because we love you guys so much, we’re even going to have a raffle.  What’s first prize you ask?  Why, a behind the scenes tour of the Museum!  How fun is that?  🙂

We absolutely love our bears here at the museum, so you should definitely come out and join in the fun!  It’s going to be a blast!  Nothing says fun like seeing Gus utterly destroy a big frozen watermelon.

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