Big Word of the Month: Farrier

Our Farrier was in last week to check on Lightning‘s hooves. A farrier is someone who specializes in the care of the hooves of horses, donkeys, and other equines. They make sure  hooves are trimmed evenly and are healthy. Farriers also can shoe a horse or donkey if needed. Good hoof care helps to prevent abscesses in the foot. Abscesses (a collection or pocket of pus or infection in an area) can occur when a small particular of sand of stone gets where it shouldn’t.

Ron, the farrier, and Lightning

Ron comes about every six weeks to check out Lightning’s hooves. He brings his specialized tool set. (think of a manicure set for people, but MUCH BIGGER)

2 responses to Big Word of the Month: Farrier

  1. DJ says:

    Lightning looks like he is enjoying his manicure…is this because of all the keeper handling and enrichment?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Lightning usually does pretty well for his pedicures DJ. I think it is mostly because he is used to having his hooves picked daily by the keepers, as well as what you mention.

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