Wednesday Transition

We’re approaching the time for our weekly transition of staff. Wednesday mornings fly by, and then there is a flurry of activity to prepare for the switch off. We clean and disinfect as we go, but during this transition period, we spend extra time disinfecting everything we can think of. Even the vehicles we drive. (Thanks Janine). For me, I gather up everything I can think I need to continue to work offsite. (Mostly it’s my work bag with aRead more

Sheep Update

Since the arrival of our 4 alpacas, we’ve had many people inquire about our sheep. A member of our farrier‘s family (the man who comes out to trim Lightning’s hooves) was very excited to provide the retirement home for our old ladies. They now live about an hour from Durham on a few acres of grass with a roomy stall they can access at any time. Their only jobs are to mow the lawn and to look pretty. Our farrier,Read more

Big Word of the Month: Farrier

Our Farrier was in last week to check on Lightning‘s hooves. A farrier is someone who specializes in the care of the hooves of horses, donkeys, and other equines. They make sureĀ  hooves are trimmed evenly and are healthy. Farriers also can shoe a horse or donkey if needed. Good hoof care helps to prevent abscesses in the foot. Abscesses (a collection or pocket of pus or infection in an area) can occur when a small particular of sand ofRead more