Wednesday Transition

We’re approaching the time for our weekly transition of staff. Wednesday mornings fly by, and then there is a flurry of activity to prepare for the switch off. We clean and disinfect as we go, but during this transition period, we spend extra time disinfecting everything we can think of. Even the vehicles we drive. (Thanks Janine).

For me, I gather up everything I can think I need to continue to work offsite. (Mostly it’s my work bag with a laptop, power cord, and my note pad).

As I ready for the transition, more thank yous are in order. Everyone on Animal Care has been taking care of each other and the animals under less than ideal circumstances, and totally knocking it out of the park. I am so fortunate to be on a team with such dedicated people. And speaking of dedication, Sandy, one of our Admission Desk staff, dropped off washable masks for every team member yesterday.

Shayna preps diets, safely, with cut resistant glove and face mask. I too tend to have a mask on and a bandana around my neck ready and waiting
Thank you Sandy!

I also have to thank Nicole, a former coworker on the Animal Care Team who dropped off a goody bag for the the team.

Janine began putting together some of our new enrichment items

Hay delivery came early this morning. The truck pulled up, and it was a slow unloading due to lack of human power. Gone, at least for now, is assembly line offloading of hay. It would have been nice to have the help of a bunch of people, but during physical distancing moving hay bales was a lonely and tiring project.

This photo was taken a few months ago. Brad passes to Alex who passes to Heather, then Emma, while Jill and Rob wait in the shadows in the back positioning the bales.
So weird to see people so close together and not wearing masks!

We get our hay from our Farrier, so Lightning got his hoof trim and check today too.

My signing off happy picture is of our goats. Seeing them all together in the sun this morning put a smile on my face. Stay safe and well everyone!

L-R: Percy, Bill, Charlie, Gypsy

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