Sheep Update

Since the arrival of our 4 alpacas, we’ve had many people inquire about our sheep. A member of our farrier‘s family (the man who comes out to trim Lightning’s hooves) was very excited to provide the retirement home for our old ladies. They now live about an hour from Durham on a few acres of grass with a roomy stall they can access at any time. Their only jobs are to mow the lawn and to look pretty.

Our farrier, Ron, was here a couple weeks ago and he told me the sheep have some new companions! They initially moved in with a couple goats (one of which just had twins!) but just recently, two older rams with very curly horns joined them! Ron couldn’t remember what breed the rams were, but he said one of them had horns that curled around in two full circles, kind of like this guy:

Almost 2 full circles!

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