Sheep Update

Since the arrival of our 4 alpacas, we’ve had many people inquire about our sheep. A member of our farrier‘s family (the man who comes out to trim Lightning’s hooves) was very excited to provide the retirement home for our old ladies. They now live about an hour from Durham on a few acres of grass with a roomy stall they can access at any time. Their only jobs are to mow the lawn and to look pretty. Our farrier,Read more

I Spy

Have you ever looked closely at a goat or sheep and noticed their weird rectangular eyes? I hear guests commenting on them every few weeks; some people love them, some people are disturbed by them, I think they’re awesome! Ungulates (hooved animals) are prey animals and need to have a great field of vision to avoid being snuck up on by a predator while they’re grazing. The rectangular pupil of the sheep and goats allow them to see in nearlyRead more

A wool-ful good-bah

This Saturday, we say good-bye to Mutton, Lambchop,Wilco and Woolworth Sheep. They are retiring to a farm where they will be able to graze and have a nice quiet retirement pasture. I know that I will really miss them. The sheep have been here longer then I have been a keeper.As I have focused more of my keeping in the farm yard area, the sheep always are sure to greet me when they see me. They know I feed themRead more

Naked Sheep

Our sheep were sheared yesterday. Some photos below, as well as a video for those of you that cannot come see them in person. (Click on each photo to enlarge).          Read more