A wool-ful good-bah

This Saturday, we say good-bye to Mutton, Lambchop,Wilco and Woolworth Sheep. They are retiring to a farm where they will be able to graze and have a nice quiet retirement pasture.

I know that I will really miss them. The sheep have been here longer then I have been a keeper.As I have focused more of my keeping in the farm yard area, the sheep always are sure to greet me when they see me. They know I feed them their grain, hay and most importantly their watermelon!

If you stop by the farm yard to give them  “good baa” wishes look at the back of their enclosure. You can see that there is an area that is being cleared of trees and additional fencing is going up. This is to make way for our new alpaca exhibit opening in October.

2 responses to A wool-ful good-bah

  1. Wendy says:

    I guess it was just SHEAR luck that brought these sheep here to have keepers that loved them so.

  2. dj says:

    The alpaca’s have some big HOOVES to fill….will we get updates/photos of the sheep in their new quiet retirement pasture?

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