Spotlight: Aaron Dye

Happy Labor Day. It’s somewhat fitting that today is the day you learn about Aaron. He’s such a hard worker and has dedicated his career to working with animals, senior citizens, and students. One could say being a public school science teacher to junior high kids prepared him most for his work at the Museum with the Keepers and animals. ūüôā It’s been just over 1.5 years since Aaron started at the Museum. He came on board when Kristen decided to pursue other ventures (parenthood).

It’s rare that you’ll find Aaron without a smile on his face. He’s possibly the most cheery person around- even super early in the morning. He arrives loud, smiley and singing. Even when lugging in a car-full of fruits and veggies (really, a car full). Even when digging out the top 8 inches of stonedust¬†in the pig yard. Even when working in the walk-in freezer moving 1,000 pounds¬†of food around to make space for 250 pounds of nuts.¬†It doesn’t stop. He just keeps smiling, singing, and even hugging-¬†traits that make the keepers roll¬†their eyes over and over again (while smiling back at him though). He puts in long days- starting early, staying late, or shortening lunch to help out.

Kent LOVES getting hugs- so Aaron hugs him daily.

I cannot describe him any better that what some keepers say below about him:

He’s a great motivator especially at 7am.¬† He listens to good music (most of the time).¬†¬†He brings in really good fattening foods to share and always has creamer¬†ready and waiting for the coffee drinkers!¬† He’s more than willing to take the blame, maybe too willing to take the blame!¬† He’s incredibly helpful, and always wants to learn and improve.¬† He likes to be a prankster (he cracks himself up all the time) and is able to laugh at himself¬†– there’s no one who takes a joke better than him.¬† He has the patience to put up with all of us and still keep a smile on his face.¬†¬†He shows¬†concern for his co-workers even in their personal lives.¬†¬†¬†He’s very kind and easy to talk to and more than willing to sit down and help resolve a problem.¬†¬†¬†

He’s a great gift to the department and the Museum. I hope you get a chance to see him around grounds and chat with him- you’ll certainly enjoy it.

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  1. Leslie says:

    That picture of Kent and Aaron is the best thing I’ve seen ever. Yay Aaron!

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