Spotlight: Educator Steve

This is Steve- he’s one of our educators at the Museum He bikes to work on his unicycle! Before I go on, Steve is the one who came up with the name “Pupdate” for the updates on the wolf pups. Check out all the Pupdates, here, here, here, and don’t miss here or here. (And the two newest ones here and here). I spent a lot of time with Steve and some of his teammates over the past year while IRead more

Spotlight: Keeper Janine

Meet Janine. Actually, blog readers first met Janine back in the summer of 2014 when she was kind enough to pose for a photo op with other volunteers. Photos of her have popped up in other blog posts: here and here. Janine started with us as a volunteer in 2014. We liked her so much we hired her! Her background working with animals- and as an engineer- are great assets for us. She is calm, thoughtful, and works on findingRead more

Spotlight: Katie Hubbard

Blog readers first learned of Katie about 20 months ago when she started as an intern. As an intern, she kept all of us giggling with her constant smiles and positive attitude. Whether we found her eating in the closet or retrieving her keys from the ceiling her positive energy always shined through. We hired her in March to join our team and her positive energy- and antics- continue. We still find her hanging out in the closet and providingRead more

Spotlight: Daniel Bjorklund

Meet Daniel Bjorklund. He works in the Museum’s Facilities Department. (Prior to that he was an animal keeper and prior to that he worked in the Facilities Department).  It’s really helpful to have someone know a lot about the world of the animal department from first hand experience working in our “fix it” department. We need help from other staff all the time. Daniel has fixed and replaced the wolf pool pump and float more than once. He is likeRead more

Spotlight: Autumn Lindey

When I started writing this post it was November. Back then my first thought was to say ” Meet Autumn, our newest Keeper”. We’ll, it’s now many months later and besides from not being true it’s not what I think of first anymore. She’s such an entrenched member of the team it seems like she has been here a loooong time.                               Autumn started with usRead more

Spotlight: CFO Debbie May

This is Debbie, the Museum’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She would say I must be desperate to write a post and have nothing to say because she is so uninteresting. (Untrue, however I am desperate to get a good photo of her). Anyone who spends time with Debbie would say she is thoughtful, caring, smart, detail-oriented, well-rounded, and incredibly helpful just to name a few of her traits. Please note, as a disclaimer to my words above, I am not sucking-up: DebbieRead more