Spotlight: CFO Debbie May

This is Debbie, the Museum’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. She would say I must be desperate to write a post and have nothing to say because she is so uninteresting. (Untrue, however I am desperate to get a good photo of her).

Debbie with wolf 1369 during his transfer physical

Anyone who spends time with Debbie would say she is thoughtful, caring, smart, detail-oriented, well-rounded, and incredibly helpful just to name a few of her traits. Please note, as a disclaimer to my words above, I am not sucking-up: Debbie is not my supervisor.

As a Vice President and CFO of the Museum, she’s responsible for so much- money, the facilities, all the staff, guest relations, reporting to the board of directors… However, she still makes the time to help out with the little, everyday things that make the Museum function. She picks up trash from the ground. She spreads mulch when we’re scrambling to open a new exhibit. She’s epoxied cracks in floors so wheelchairs and strollers roll smoothly. She’s even, as seen below, prepared a wolf crate so we could safely transport wolves across the country.

Debbie getting the wolf carrier ready for transport










She gives of her valuable time- understanding that your time, anyone’s time, is valuable and necessary. It’s critical to our work that we have executives who understand and honor all that it takes to care for the animals (and all the other stuff that makes the Museum run). Debbie is truly one of the good people.

Debbie, and others, attending a lunch discussion about “animal stuff”

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