Spotlight: Educator Steve

This is Steve- he’s one of our educators at the Museum

Steve on unicycle
Steve bikes to work!

He bikes to work on his unicycle!

Before I go on, Steve is the one who came up with the name “Pupdate” for the updates on the wolf pups. Check out all the Pupdates, here, here, here, and don’t miss here or here. (And the two newest ones here and here).

I spent a lot of time with Steve and some of his teammates over the past year while I trained them on handling the alligator and hawk. It was a lot of fun for me (and hope for him too).

When I asked his teammates about Steve my pen could not keep up with their stories. Basically, Steve is a walking encyclopedia (or Mr. Google). He knows everything, and random stuff too. I hope some of his team members are reading this post and can provide additional info on Steve in the comment section.

Look for Steve around grounds leading programs. He often can be founding walking through campus with Misha our hawk.



red tailed hawk sitting on gloved arm of Steve
Steve and Misha, our red tailed hawk, with Tomara watching


Steve with alligator on his arm with Tomara and Jenna in background
Steve with our education alligator during training. Steve, Jenna, and Tomara learned how to handle the alligator together.

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