Pupdate #8… VIDEOS!

May 30 is our next planned pup check so we’ll have more information to share then. In the meantime, lots has been going on with the wolves. Check out Ranger Greg’s blog post from May 24. Pups are spending time out of the den, walking, and  moving around (on their own and via the mouth’s of their parents). In fact, you might not see them at all in the primary den as the parents have spent time moving the pups around. Dad is more involved with care as the pups are out – he even brought them a big knuckle bone that the pups started gnawing on.

3 red wolf pups
Ranger Greg got this photo of three pups outside the den on May 24

Below are four different short videos to share with you.

The first two are videos that we pulled from the den camera on the weekend of May 13-14. One is of the pups trying to walk in the den, and the other is the first time we caught sight of dad entering the den.

The third video is from this past weekend when dad interacted with three of the pups right outside the den (it’s very sweet). One of our Rangers was fortunate enough to catch the interaction on video for us (Thanks Sarah!)

The final video was also taken by a Ranger (thanks Emily). She caught the male wolf interacting with enrichment. No pups involved, but it’s pretty amazing so it’s being shared too.










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