One Month ago

I spent some time this week going through den camera footage. We’ll have some great stuff from the end of May next week. In the meantime, here are two of my favorite clips from May 9th. The first one, from about 4 AM, has F2062,mom, and the pups sleeping/nursing in the den.   This second video may be my favorite. F2062, Mom, moved the pups out of the primary den the early evening of May 9th. Later that night, aroundRead more

Dad’s Duties

M1803 is a great dad. He’s got a few jobs. Primarily, starting when the female is pregnant, he provides food. He brings her food. He lets her take food from him. He repeats. Another one of his jobs is to oversee his territory and keep his family safe. He does this from outside the den. Rarely, if ever, does he enter when the pups are newborn. He’ll be more directly involved with the pups when they start moving around onRead more

Update from the Wolf exhibit

It’s been one week since we shut the wolf exhibit down – for guests and staff. We don’t have much news to share except our two little ones appear to be growing like weeds. Enjoy the footage from the den camera. There is so much to see: intense eating (and snuggling), eyes opening, and even the beginnings of walking. We’ll have to get in the exhibit this week and “pup proof it” now that walking has begun.  Read more

Wolves in Snow

The 1-3 inches of snow we expected on January 17 turned into 9 inches to almost one foot of snow in some areas. Not the best footage with my phone, sorry, but some quick snips of the wolves in the snow from the 18th of January.    Read more

Pupdate #8… VIDEOS!

May 30 is our next planned pup check so we’ll have more information to share then. In the meantime, lots has been going on with the wolves. Check out Ranger Greg’s blog post from May 24. Pups are spending time out of the den, walking, and  moving around (on their own and via the mouth’s of their parents). In fact, you might not see them at all in the primary den as the parents have spent time moving the pupsRead more