Pupdate #9

I am sure all you want to see are pup pictures so here they are. Hard to be cuter than 4-5 week old pups!

Four group shots of the pups below, after which, read on if you want.

4 red wolf pups in net
We removed the pups from the den and carried them to our work area in a net.
4 red wolf pups being held
still able to get them all in my arms– not much longer though


4 red wolf pups in bucket
I think they still fit in the bucket– but I am the only one. I hope to have the bucket every time we do pup checks!
each Keeper holding a red wolf pup
Autumn, Sarah, Janine, and Jill each holding a pup. A yellow/black sticker with pup # is on each Keeper’s right shoulder.

All pups are in good body condition and have gained a good percentage of weight. This pup check was just about two weeks since our last hands-on check. We only need to handle every 1-2 weeks, depending on the vaccine and deworming schedule. Today was round 2 of 5 of deworming. Each pup was weighed on two different scales. As the pups have grown we have to move from our smaller scale to a large one. During this transition, we weigh on both scales to make sure the weights on both are comparable (which they were). You can see the small-scale and the larger one in the photo below, along with our pictures for identification, check sheets for writing down information, and tool boxes with our medicines, gloves, and other items we may possibly need.Any guesses why we need a calculator?

equipment for pup checks on concrete pad
We moved our work area to the side cage section of the wolf exhibit. This give us more flat area to work in.

Each pup was also given a quick check of its overall body condition. Everything looked pretty good – ears were clean, feet/pads were in good shape, no ticks or fleas, and all the pups pooped (might not seem good to you but that’s what we want to happen).

Pup #3 had his tongue out most of the time. He still weighs the most. Today he was up over 1,000 grams (1 Kg) since his last weigh in-  2760 grams today.
Pup # 2 was the smallest at this weigh in. She weighed 2,298 grams. This is up about 800 grams since her last weigh in. Her toe looks all healed and there is a little scar that we hope will stay so we can identify her more easily.
Keeper holds red wolf pup
Pup #5 weighed in at 2,411 grams today. He’s up about 1,000 grams (1 Kg) since last weigh in.
red wolf pup in Keeper's hands
pup #6 is still the second largest. She weighed in at 2,536 grams today. We’ve called her “split chest” in reference to the white blaze marking on her chest. You can see the marking today, but it is fading.

It’s easy for us to tell the two males apart since #3 has the ear tip missing. The two females are a little harder. The pups will each be getting a microchip sometime 2-3 months of age.

Pups have been seen out and about a couple of times each day. Ranger Greg got some great photos from May 27– check out his blog post, here, or come and by the wolf exhibit and wait patiently for a once of a lifetime experience!


6 responses to Pupdate #9

  1. Kristin Young says:

    The pups are so adorable! Are they still in the side den or are they back in the front den, which has the camera?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      the pups have been spending most of the time in the side den- the one without the camera. 🙁
      They still go in the front den too- just not as much. Ranger Greg got photos of the pups by the front den on May 27

      • Kristin Young says:

        Thanks for letting me know. Are the pups coming out of the side den more often now?

        • Sherry Samuels says:

          yes, the pups are out more. Note that “more” does not mean always or often. Patience is required while at the wolf exhibit to get a chance to see them. I am rarely at the exhibit when the pups are out :(.
          According to the Rangers some pups are out 2-3 times each day and up to 30 minutes. As time goes on they will spend more time out of the den(s).

          • Kristin Young says:

            Thanks Sherry. I will come soon to see the wolf family.

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