Pup Check Complete

Only one more scheduled pup check is left. The last one went very well. The first team went and got the pups quickly from the yard into the den. From there we crated the pups. The pups are so big now (each about 10 Kg) that we put them in a large crate together and took them out to our work area. A lot had to be done during this check-up. Two dewormers, the last vaccine, general check up, andRead more

Pupdate #9

I am sure all you want to see are pup pictures so here they are. Hard to be cuter than 4-5 week old pups! Four group shots of the pups below, after which, read on if you want.   All pups are in good body condition and have gained a good percentage of weight. This pup check was just about two weeks since our last hands-on check. We only need to handle every 1-2 weeks, depending on the vaccine andRead more

Amazon Wish List

Last year I wrote about our Amazon Wish list. This year has been great with the items we have received from people. Well, I am here to remind you it still exists if you are wrapped up in the season of giving. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/17NDP1V85KVKR/ref=cm_sw_su_w There are some fun items on there,but my coworkers tell me there are a lot of ferret beds listed. I think they just don’t realize how adorable it is for a ferret to be swallowed by aRead more

Last week’s sass from the Keepers

I love my little flip phone. It fits in my key chain so is easy to carry and always have with me. Me and my phone are fodder for many jokes. Last week I asked Jill to take a photo for me. She pulled out her phone and at the same time made some comment about my phone’s and my inability to take a photo. I immediately got my phone and figured out not only how to take a photoRead more

Rubber Ducks

We emphasize enrichment here at the museum pretty heavily with our animals. It gives them something to do and a lot of the time they keepers and guests enjoy watching the animals interact. Our alligators are very inquisitive at the museum. I will admit, all my life alligators were probably my least favorite animal. I am not sure why, I always considered them fast, aggressive and just intimidating. Working here with our gators has helped me develop a better viewpointRead more